Prysm Video Walls

Prysm allows for information and technology to come together and to be presented in a larger scale with their video walls with high-definition quality. These video walls allow for everyone in a room to be unified together in a way where they feel like they’re a part of the information displayed. Two ways of displaying Prysm include Olympic video walls and Cascade Collaborative walls, both that make for an unforgettable and up close experience, no matter what the purpose.

Cascade Collaborative Video Walls will be featured in our upcoming webinar, January 28th. They bring together people and ideas to transform a workplace to one where everyone works together in a hands-on way. Built for the same places and reasons as Olympic video walls, these collaborative video walls have slightly different features that allow for thoughts to be transformed to actions immediately.

Collaborative Video Walls include:
•Tablet like features- With touch screen, users can swipe and move content, or even add files
•Built in controls- These access video conference calls, camera, adjusting volume
•Whiteboard like features- To make notes and capture ideas
•Snap grids- To create structure on screen
•Abilities to add or delete content and place them anywhere on the screen

Whether just looking for screens to present information for large spaces on or screens where everyone can add info hands- on to, these both are sure to transform your schoolroom, meeting room, waiting room, or TV broadcast room into a place where productivity increases and the information comes to life.

Reach out to your SKC account executive to hear more about Prysm, the products they offer, and what applications the products can be used for!