Services FAQ

1. If my A/V room has ELITECare, do I need anything else?

Yes – if you have video components in the room you will want to make sure your manufacturer maintenance is up to date. This is the only way you can have access to software updates and upgrades as well as receive equipment replacement.

2. Can I just wait until my unit goes down and then order maintenance to get my hardware advance replacement or to upgrade my software?

No. Renewing maintenance can take up to a week to process by the manufacturer, so there is no availability of quick turnaround for software upgrades or hardware replacement. In some instances, replacement can be denied on contracts just ordered.

3. How will I know when I need to renew my service agreements?

SKC has a team of Service Contract Administrators that will track all of your service agreements and provide quotes 60 days in advance of expiration. They will also look for all existing contracts and work with you to co-terminate everything to one date which makes it easier to track and easier for you to budget for annual maintenance and support costs.

4. Does my manufacturer maintenance include onsite services?

There are options for manufacturer maintenance on video equipment that include onsite services. SKC is confident we can help resolve most issues remotely, so you can also use SKC on a Time & Materials basis for onsite if absolutely necessary to save on up-front costs. SKC does offer EliteCare on our A/V solutions which provides unlimited onsite for your integrated solution, or Time & Materials options.

5. Why do I need maintenance, VNOC and EliteCare coverage?

Maintenance layered with VNOC covers and protects your video conferencing components. The maintenance allows access to new software upgrades, as well as covering hardware replacement. EliteCare will cover all other components of an integrated room – the integrated audio, a mixer, your control system – and provide onsite support for all SKC provided and installed components.

6. Who do I call to upgrade my software on my video infrastructure?

As long as you have current manufacturer maintenance, you have access to software updates and upgrades for your video endpoints and infrastructure. Your service level will determine how these are handled. If you have maintenance, it is your responsibility to seek out software updates and upgrades and execute on them. You can, of course, call SKC’s help desk for assistance when needed. With VNOC, SKC will send out monthly emails with links directly to updates and upgrades as a friendly reminder and providing easy access to the information. The customer is still required to execute the upgrade. Within an SKC Managed Service, our expert technicians will recommend the right upgrades for your environment, get your approval and schedule the upgrade, and then our staff will perform all upgrades outside of business hours for that piece of equipment to ensure there’s no downtime in your video network.

7. I have international locations – can they call SKC too?

As an SKC Managed Services customer, all global locations will have access to our expert help desk 24×7. SKC can provide assistance via email, chat or phone to assist your enterprise worldwide. All other international maintenance is a required Direct service offering from the manufacturer.

8. Why do I need maintenance?

Maintenance is crucial to keeping your video endpoint or infrastructure up and running. You must have current coverage for access to software updates and upgrades, which are the leading cause of trouble tickets. Also, if we cannot get your unit up and running and it needs to be replaced, maintenance will provide a next-business day advance hardware replacement. Without maintenance, the manufacturer requires the unit to be sent in for repair. Repairs can be timely and expensive if outside of the original one year warranty period.

9. Is there a penalty for letting my service lapse?

Depending on the service, there could be financial penalties to not maintaining continuous coverage. Some services can be back dated to the previous contract, while others will require a payment of recertification fees, or may require an equipment on-site certification before coverage can be reinstated. SKC will walk you through your options to bring old, existing equipment back into coverage, and will explain any risks of not renewing current contracts.

10. Are there any discounts available for my contracts?

Discounts are provided for three year contracts on maintenance, VNOC, Managed Services and A/V Phone and EliteCare support.