SKC Releases SKC Twist!

We are excited to announce SKC Twist, a twist on video conferencing.

SKC Twist is a scalable and secure cloud based video conferencing solution that provides virtual meeting rooms for an unlimited number of users. This new offering is affordable, easy-to-use and can scale as your video environment grows.SKC Twist_interoperability_sm

SKC’s Chief Technology Officer, Jeff Holton, observes that “SKC Twist is a cloud video offer thatSKC is very excited about as it is a single platform which allows customers to natively connect Lync 2010, Lync 2013, WebRTC, H.323, SIP and Audio.”

SKC offers the solution to customers via three different cloud models: public, hybrid or private. Holton describes the private model as very unique as it “will deploy an instance of SKC Twist within a customer’s network which SKC will fully manage and monitor, providing the customer all the benefits of having it within their own network.”



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