It’s Here: SKC Twist

I am very excited today to announce SKC Twist.  Announcing Twist feels like when I experienced the births of my four kids, and it is truly a labor of love.  The entire team at SKC that has been involved with the design, development, testing and finally,  deployment of Twist has been many and I would like to thank everyone involved. Without them Twist would not be released today.

During our testing I was asked by many customers, “what exactly is SKC Twist?”  My answer was always that SKC Twist is a scalable and secure cloud-based video conferencing solution that provides virtual meeting rooms for an unlimited number of users. Supported in both Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox using WebRTC, users share a simple link to conference participants for an audio, video and content-sharing collaboration session. SKC Twist integrates with existing SIP and H.323 systems as well, with no downloads or additional plugins.

Okay,  so it is possible that I did not give that exact description each time, or as much detail.  That being said, we focused on the following areas:

Scalability and Affordability

SKC Twist grows with our customers as they grow.  SKC has many flexible pricing plans that allow our customers choices that fit their needs today, but can scale as they grow.


SKC Twist can be consumed in 3 different cloud models:  Public; hybrid and private.  In the private model, SKC will deploy Twist on a customer’s network.

Microsoft Lync

SKC Twist offers full Lync 2010, 2013, and Mac Lync support for video conferencing and two-way content sharing.  We felt that it was imperative to have full Lync support based on customer feedback and industry research.

Ease of Use

A cloud service will not be successful if it is not easy to use, and SKC Twist is no different.  Whether you are joining directly from Chrome or Firefox browsers, your desktop solution (Lync, Jabber, Real Presence), or any standards based H.323 and SIP codec Twist has all options covered.


Join SKC wherever you are located and however you choose.  SKC’s Twist cloud-based video conferencing offer is a true BYOD solution that allows users to join through room systems, supported browsers, desktop applications, and mobile solutions.

Today’s  release of Twist is only the start.  Expect to see many additional features and functionalities over the coming months and quarters, as we have a very aggressive roadmap in place for Twist.  The team is also eager to hear from our customers about Twist and areas we can improve or add new functionality.

Again, I cannot thank my entire team enough for their hard work and look forward to having discussions with our customers about Twist.


Jeff Holton


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