SKC’s Fighting Pineapples

SKC’s very own Alicia Patrick, Darin Worthington, Dave McClain, Dora Perez, Geoff Matousek, Joe Smith, Mason Klenklen, Mathieu Miles, Micheal Harker, Mike Schrock, Nick Reusch, Norman Likalamu, Shaena Beauchamp and Trevor Tyrell make up indoor soccer team the Fighting Pineapples.

The Fighting Pineapples got their name thanks to Alicia’s son, who had created a picture of a pineapple at daycare. Alicia suggested “The Pineapples” to her teammates Micheal and Mathieu who suggested adding “Fighting” to the name and the team was born.

The Fighting Pineapples have been receiving support on and off the field. Programmer Chris James made the lovable pineapple logo in his free time, and Peggy Floyd created a physical mascot for the team (name coming soon!).

If you want to cheer on SKC’s Fighting Pineapples, there are five games left! Catch them Wednesday nights at the All American Indoor Sports in Lenexa, KS. Go Fighting Pineapples!