The New Standard for Video Collaboration is Coming

Meet the Logitech Rally Bar for midsize rooms, and the Logitech Rally Bar Mini for small rooms.Logitech’s all-in-one video bars feature brilliant optics, powerful audio, and remarkable simplicity. REVOLUTIONIZE THE MEETING EXPERIENCE WITH ROBUST ALL-IN-ONE VIDEO CONFERENCING BARS INVESTMENT PROTECTION IN ALL-IN-ONE DESIGN Sleek, minimal footprint expedites setup and reduces clutter. Built-in compute to run […]

The Next Normal: Staying Connected in the Post-Pandemic Workplace

Since the pandemic, remote working has become the new norm and as a result, video has rapidly become a business-critical tool. In the month of March 2020 alone, total video calls in Microsoft Teams grew by over 1,000%[i] while Zoom customer numbers grew by 354% YoY[ii]. This shift in the way we communicate has pushed […]