Voyager 4245 Headset

Power Up Productivity for Office Workers

Voyager 4245 headset connected to desk phone

The Voyager 4245 wireless headset system enables your employees to experience high levels of wireless freedom, comfort, and audio quality. The Voyager 4245 enables your journey from on-premises equipment to the cloud. Unlike other solutions, the Voyager 4245 Office delivers unlimited talk time, so you never lose connection with a customer. It delivers 3-way connectivity, connecting to desk phones, PCs, and mobile devices, for more flexibility and has Microsoft Teams certification to futureproof your devices.

Freedom to Move and Collaborate. Light Enough to Wear All Day.

Voyager 4245 Office is the lightest Bluetooth® headset for contact center workers, weighing in at just 28gms. Everyone can move freely and collaborate in comfort, all day. Three wearing options on a single device keep your teams happy and makes for easy ordering and stock control. Bluetooth technology allows for seamless and easy global wireless deployment.

Unlimited Talk Time

Voyager 4245 Headset on Base

Never lose a critical connection with your customers.
Voyager 4245 Office has continuous battery life for unlimited talk time. If a battery runs low, it can be swapped out mid-call. Calls are never dropped due to a lost charge. The spare battery is charging when not in use and agents are alerted to battery levels by visual and audible alerts.

Great Audio Quality

Fewer mistakes and less repetition means a better customer experience.
With Voyager 4245 Office, distracting noise surrounding you is blocked by the noise-canceling microphone. Calls stay clear with high-quality wideband audio and the microphone’s long boom that can be positioned in exactly the right place. And a safe audio experience is ensured with SoundGuard Digital protection, which protects from daily noise exposure.

Microsoft Teams Certified

A Microsoft Teams version is available. It delivers easy collaboration and communication with a dedicated Teams button for instant access to the Teams app.

Close up of Voyager 4245 Headset on Base connected to Computer

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