Voyager 8200 UC

If you’re looking for a Bluetooth headset with noise-canceling technology, an inconspicuously stylish design, and all day comfort then look no further

. The Voyager 8200 UC is the full package; the boomless design offers a sleek and polished look without sacrificing call quality. Omni-directional microphones with enhanced noise-canceling ensure that the focus is on your voice and not on the distractions around you while soft ear cushions block out distractions and provide all-day comfort.

When you’re connected with the Voyager 8200 UC, you never have to choose between your phone or your computer ever again. The headset allows users to stay connected to two devices at once, so you can play music on your laptop and never miss a call from your phone. With up to 24 hours of listening time and a roaming distance up to 98ft, the Bluetooth headset is an unmarred match for those always on the go. The headset comes with a 3.5mm audio cable, so listening never has to stop even on the plane.

The Voyager 8200 UC features smart sensors to keep up with your busy schedule. Play music or answer the phone by putting on the headset or pause and mute audio by taking it off. Or use the dedicated button for quick access to mute. Don’t worry about forgetting about if your mute is on or not; a voice will alert you if you start talking while on mute. It’s the perfect combination of work and play.

Choose between a classic black model or a fresh white design to fit your style. For more information about the Voyager 8200 UC, contact SKC Communications Headset Sales Department at 800-882-7779, option 1.