Voyager Legend UC

The Voyager Legend UC is a lightweight monaural headset that is one of the most versatile headsets that Plantronics has to offer. The design of this headset was made specifically for people on the go that need to be connect to their devices. This headset has the capability of being compatible with multiple devices through its Bluetooth technology. Upgraded firmware provides a smooth connection to today’s Andriod/Iphone/smartphone systems/ PC. Its upgrade voice command system also allows for a hands-free operational headset when necessary.  The Windsmart technology and noise cancelling technology allows for superb sound for your incoming calls and your recipients on the other end of the line.  Its sleek boom mic is slender and fashionable in a way that doesn’t make it a highly noticeable headset.

The lightweight, rubberized backing of the ear loop allows for long lasting comfort, so much so, that the headset can become unnoticeable to the user.  With ear tips and ear covers there is a size and comfort for all users.  The charge in Voyager Legend allows for 7 hours of talk time and 11 days on standby.  One of the most unique features of the Voyager Legend UC is the charging case that comes with this unit.  With a clear plastic top, you have a light indicator that allows for you to see when your devices are being charged.  The plastic molding and magnetic link allows for the Voyager Legend headset to fit inside snug and secure.  Even if the charging base is turned upside down your headset will remain in its case.  The charging case also has the ability to transport the USB dongle as well as carry 14 additional hours of talk time.

The ideal headset for the person that needs to hold a conference call, listen to a presentation in a quiet environment, or listen to music on a plane. The Voyager Legend UC is ready for the person is ready for anything.