WebRTC-Video Conferencing from the Desktop

SKC Twist gives you the opportunity to video conference with just an internet connection, internet browser, and web camera.  Built on WebRTC technology, you are able to connect to any standard-based H.323 or SIP endpoint from just a laptop.  WebRTC is an open-source project enabling plugin-free, Real Time Communications within a web browser.  You no longer need admin rights to download a plugin nor does a network admin need to manage/administer a plugin in order to video conference from a browser on your laptop.  SKC Twist uses WebRTC technology built off of three different APIs to allow you to join a video conference on a browser from your laptop WITHOUT downloading a client.

Why are you not able to use Internet Explorer or Safari? Chrome, FireFox, and Opera currently support WebRTC using open-source VP8 video codecs.  Internet Explorer and Safari supports H.264 compression within their browsers, which is why WebRTC is not supported today within those browsers.

ABI research is forecasting 4.7B mobile WebRTC devices by 2018 and the lack of support from Apple and Microsoft is counterbalanced by support from telecommunications carriers like AT&T, Telefonica, Alcatel-Lucent, and Ericsson.  Experts believe Apple and Microsoft will be persuaded to adopt WebRTC because of the large market opportunity it opens.

Test your WebRTC connection today using SKC Twist by going to and clicking “Connect Now,” to watch SKC’s VNOC in action!

Scott Sportsman, Product Manager

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